Youth Partnership

What Is Youth Partnership
Youth Partnership (YP) is a youth development and advocacy movement for young people ages 14-21 who have experienced emotional, behavioral, mental health, substance use, and other challenges, and peers who support them.

Youth who want to be a positive influence in their communities, are committed to reducing stigma, and willing to speak out on issues and concerns that affect youth will find YP to be a place where they can be part of creating solutions.

How to Join Youth Partnership
Youth may self–refer or be referred by their parents, school personnel, Children’s Mobile Response, Partnership for Children of Essex, out-patient programs, government agencies, or other youth serving organizations. An interview is required with the youth and their parent or guardian to help determine the appropriateness of YP.


What is Expected of Youth Partnership Members

Youth must:

  • Attend group meetings consistently.
  • Abide by the group’s rules and values which are established by the members.
  • Contribute to fulfilling Youth Partnership’s mission, which includes using their voices to affect change in local systems that serve youth.

Our Program
Peer Discussion Groups Offered weekly to help develop appropriate social skills, communication, and healthy relationships with parents, peers and community members

Family Support
Provided through weekly support groups and monthly workshops for parents.

Educational Support and Advocacy
Provided by our consultation team regarding educational entitlements, community resources, and accommodations. Workshops on time management and organizational skills are also offered.

Community Connections
We create opportunities to “give back” and participate in service learning projects and advocacy.

Promotes the development of healthy leisure interests and creativity as a wellness tool; youth are exposed to the arts and cultural activities in their community.


Youth Partnership Referral

Date of Referral
Referring Person's First Name
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Is this a Self Referral?


Youth Information

Youth's First Name
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Is candidate aware that participation in Youth Partnership is Voluntary?
Why is this youth being referred to Youth Partnership?
What are the goals that you hope the youth will achieve by participating in Youth Partnership?